Coro - Porch Columns

On the fornt porch of our home we have five Coro- Porch Columns in our lighting display. When I originally planned out the display, the plan was to wrap the three porch columns with a series of red and white lights strings. We were going to use three red and three white on each post to simulate a candy cane pole and we could do chases and other simpla effects on them. In early summer of 2012, I saw a video of a new lighted candy cane coro piece offered by David Moore at Holidaycoro.com. I decided that based on David design I could adapt his design and scale it to be a porch post. There is a link to the video page showing David constructing his lighted candy canes at the bottom of this article.

Because of the difference in scale I decided to use the Square module 4 led SMD RGB 5050,1pcs WS2801,256 gray thumb 2013-01-16 13.50.57level,DC12V,0.96W from Ray Wu.

The colums are 8 feet tall. I used 1x6x8 cedar boards as backs - I've had the boards in my shed for twenty years so i figured i might as well use them.  I wrapped the cedar board with 4mm black coroplast 7.5 inches wide x 96 inches. I made half cuts at 7/8 inch on each side with a CoroClaw to wrap the board. The back was left Bare.  The board was then marked off in 5 inch sections at an angel to simulate a candy cane look when lit.  

Led modules were installed in each section (18 in all fo each column) using hot glue. I turne the modules slighty so they were parallel to the baffle marks so the light would better fill each baffle.

I then cut two 3"x96" strips of 4mm white coroplast.  When you make the half cut on the black backer for the cedar board, it creates a perfect ledge to hot glue the white sides.  Once the sides are secured in place, you need to cut 2 7/8 inch strips to act as baffles bewteen each pixel.  Cut the strips to the length needed to connect the two sides of coroplast along the marked baffle line.  I used a hand paper punch to cut a notch in the bottom of each baffle board where the wire run under the baffle.

Next I cut a hole in the bottom of the cedar board to insert waterproof wire cores to connect the lights.

I then cut a 7"x96" piece of 4mm white coroplast for the front of the column.  I did not like the amount of light that came through a full thickness of Coro.  I then split the coro along the flute starting about one half inch inthumb 948 2454 on each side.  I then glued the front on the column.

Link to Holidaycoro: http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Coro-Cane-Cane-for-Pixels-p/260.htm


Link to youtube video on using the Coro-claw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24oeQKxXFUU