Low Power FM radio

Another part of this new hobby is securing a low-power FM radio to use to brodcast the music for the show.  I purchased my radio from South Africa.  It is an EDM radio set at 100mW of power.  I also have a backup radio that I purchased on Ebay and it is a 100mW/ 500mW (Power adj.) 76-108Mhz Home FM TRANSMITTER know genericaly as a CZH-05B.

I have the transmitter set to low power or 100mW with a ground plane antenna.   This transmitter is a very short range system that complies with the government’s (FCC) restrictions on hobbyist FM broadcasting.  The transmitter provides very good quality sound out to about a block or two, as the strength of the transmitter is very low power which is perfect for people watching our show in their car.

I will be transmitting on 104.1 FM for our show.

The best open frequency in this area is 98.3 but one of my neighbors at 400 Hollywood Blvd. uses that frequency for his Light Show.  The FM Transmitter will not drift between stations because of the advanced stereo PLL Digital Tuner Technology.  The FM Transmitter is designed to operate non-stop 24/7.  The higher you place the antenna the farther you will transmit.  Select an unused FM station in your area (The station can be totally static or with some bleed over on it. The Stereo FM Transmitter should have no problem “walking over a radio station’s bleed over". 

Controller Boards

Well I feel some sense of accomplishment after the past two weeks.  I completed building my first two RenardSS24 control boards and they worked!.  These are 24 channel controller boards with built-in SSR's (solid state relays).  This means that I  can effectivley control 48 different on-off light switches that also allow dimming.  These represent just two of the twenty controller boards I plan to build before the Christmas season in 2012.  My controller board plans for 2012 are:

4   - RenSS24 boards  = 96 Channels
12 - RenSS16 boards  = 192 Channels
2   - RenSS8 boards   =  16 Channels
1   - Ren48LSD board  = 48 Channels - Controls up to 12 floodlights
1   - Mini-Ren 8x8LSD =  8 Channels -  Controls 2 floodlights
Total Channels for 2012 = 360 available - I expect to use 250

renard ss24
The picture above is of the RenardSS24.

The backbone of the DIYC LED and Incandescent light community is the Renard Standardized Series (SS) controllers and they are part of a design effort to standardize the board layouts for Renard based systems and to establish a standardized list of components to use in Renard designs. These boards are designed to be easier for a new member to build. By removing extra options from the board, now a member can just order the parts from the Bill Of Materials and will be able to build the board without having to figure out which options/parts apply to their configuration. By having all the boards using the same parts and having the same component layout, it will be easier to provide support to DIYC members when they have problems or ask questions.  In addition, complete documentation is available. In the past, boards were created, designed, produced and distributed without much documentation to support them. Documentation was an afterthought and was slow to catch up, some never did or is hard to understand for new members. In the Renard SS design effort, the documentation was created at the same time as the boards so that when the boards were ready for release, the documentation was also ready.